Concept Direct provide a range of different laptops at an affordable price. Whether this be specific to work, gaming or even a student laptop, we have the laptop for you.

Office Work Laptops

There are a range of laptops that are designed and adapted to your business needs. It is important to look at the performance along with portability as more people are taking a hybrid approach.

Some of our most popular brands for business use are Lenovo, HP and Apple but it is also dependent on your personal preferences and your job role. If you are more creative and design focused, Apple may suit you better.

Something else to consider would be the storage capacity of your laptop. We have products with storage from 120GB up to over 500GB. We also supply a range of different product types such as Chromebooks, Notebooks and Mobile Workstations.

Gaming Laptops

Our gaming laptops provide a range of graphic features to enhance your gaming experience. Concept Direct provide a range of gaming laptops that deliver fluid

gameplay at an affordable price. We ensure our products provide immersive, smooth gameplay for you to enjoy.

Student Laptops

Similar to office work laptops, students want to ensure their laptop can provide them with great performance along with portability. Not only will you be using this for work but you will also use this to watch Netflix and browse the internet. We have a range of laptops that will suit your needs for an affordable price.

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