Internal Hard Drives, also known as HDD, provide you with extra storage capacity, giving you an easy way to upgrade your computer. Concept Direct provide a range of different storage options, going from 200 GB. Not only are Internal Hard Drives good for upgrading storage for your PC, but they are also essential when wanting to build your own computer.

Our Internal Hard Drives allow you to store all your resources and files in your own computer, making it easier and more portable to access your files as they are within the same unit. This is a simpler alternative to cloud storage or an External Hard Drive.

Whether you are purchasing a Hard Drive for you or your business, it is important to take into consideration their performance and how they will integrate with your current laptop or PC, it is important to do this research before purchasing.

Internal Hard Drives come in two main formats; 3.5in which is typically used for computers and PCs whereas a 2.5in will be used more for laptops. They are a more efficient way to upgrade your PC by just replacing a component without having to replace with a whole new laptop

Using an Internal Hard Drive for your business will result in you needing a lot more storage capacity and a high quality product. Here at Concept Direct, we supply a range of different Hard Drives from brands such as Toshiba, Dell, HP and many more with prices ranging from £22.

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