Do you have old or unused IT equipment that is no longer needed?

Then get in contact with The IT Hut and we will assess to see whether there is any value in any old equipment you might have. If there is then we will give you a valuation to purchase direct or offer a credit limit that you can then use against a new piece of equipment.

Your responsibilities as a business

Every company has a legal and social responsibility to dispose of their end of life IT equipment in an environmentally friendly way. The IT Hut can help you dispose or recycle any IT old equipment, which could also be used against the purchase of newer equipment.

Our Process

Equipment that is fully functional, complete and in great condition rebates will be offered once an evaluation has been carried out. To make this process as smooth as possible please send data including the manufacture, model and configurations, including CPU, ram and HDD specifications.

Valuations are confirmed once we have received and evaluated each piece of equipment. Any valuation adjustments will be made if the equipment has anything missing, wrong or been damaged.


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2 x Swift cadence 97



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