Barcode Scanners are a vital piece of equipment for a range of different industries, in particular retail. They allow companies to store data within a barcode that can be uploaded or viewed on a till or computer. Concept Direct provide a range of barcode scanners for a lot of different uses.

Cabled Scanners

Cabled scanners are perfect for any retail store who scan a lot of products each day. These are easily programmable to suit your application and needs. Your employees will be able to use these along with even programming them for self-checkout to create a more immersive experience. Prices range from £43.

Fixed Head Scanners

Fixed head scanners are perfect for self-service kiosks and ticket machines to provide an adaptable experience for your customers. These scanners are trustworthy and will put your mind at ease when people are purchasing an item. Prices range from £59.

Companion Scanners

Companion scanners are a small device that scans and stores data in one place. As it is handheld it allows you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Once your job is completed, the data can be transferred to your chosen device using either Bluetooth or USB depending on the device you choose. Prices range from £88.

Bluetooth Scanners

Bluetooth scanners are great for busy checkout areas, allowing you to move around and complete your job efficiently. When you scan an item, this will send the data to your desired device where you can complete the transaction. Prices range from £167.

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